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Volkswagen Concept Tiguan

Available in the UK early 2008

Here’s something unusual – a concept car that actually comes with a date when it’s available.

Volkswagen has unveiled its compact 4×4, the Concept Tiguan, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and has announced that the first examples of the SUV will be delivered to customers by the end of next year.

Yes it’s another 4×4 – and like it or not, there will be more of them while they prove so profitable for manufacturers. And it’s also another new 4×4 that makes an effort to be green. The Tiguan features a completely new type of diesel engine, called BLUETEC. Developed in partnership with Audi and Mercedes-Benz and shown for the first time at the LA show, BLUETEC incorporates a number of different systems to reduce emissions – ‘significantly’ according to Volkswagen. One of these systems is the NOx storage catalytic converter which cuts nitrogen oxides by up to 90 per cent over current diesel units. This ‘Clean TDI’ will comply with the strictest emissions standards in the world.

The first news of the Tiguan’s development came with the debut of Concept A in Berlin earlier this year. This was followed by the naming of the model in July, the result of a poll of more than 350,000 readers of magazines of the AutoBild group. This latest development in Los Angeles takes the Tiguan one step closer to production and hints strongly at how the final version could look.

Maintaining the ‘baby Touareg’ appearance of the Concept A (pictured below), Concept Tiguan is very similar in size to the Touran compact MPV. Although the tyres with their orange inlays may not make it into production, the anthracite-coloured alloy rims are likely to feature in the actual vehicle.

More details on the Tiguan will be revealed in the first quarter of 2007. The car will go on sale in the UK early in 2008.