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Launch of EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative

As part of its wider programme of activities, the Energy Efficient Motorsport Programme (EEMS) has launched its new EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative.

Alan Mercer, EEMS Programme Manager, says, “This is an excellent new initiative, which for the first time gives organisations within motorsport the opportunity to promote their commitment to the concept of energy efficiency in motorsport. By signing up to the charter, organisations will receive updates from EEMS, networking opportunities and will be able to promote their status as an EEMS Campaign Partner. This can only help in attracting investors and sponsors into the industry.

“Any organisation within UK motorsport can become an EEMS Campaign Partner, whether a race team, championship organiser, a supplier to the industry, a promoter or a race circuit owner. By signing the charter, they make a commitment to demonstrate active support for the development of energy efficient technologies, to consider the environmental impact of their motorsport activities and commit to reducing its environmental impact, to embrace appropriate R&D and testing projects and to promote the EEMS message and their own related achievements to others in the industry.”

Full details can be found on the EEMS website