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Lexus LS 600h at the Geneva Motor Show

The new LS 600h will be on show at Geneva, with its 5.0-litre V8, using Lexus’s D-4S technology, with two fuel injectors per cylinder and VVTi-E intelligent valve timing on the intake to boost performance and reduce emissions, noise and vibration.

With Lexus’s hybrid system, the combination, together with an electrically-controlled continuously variable transmission, delivers performance typical of a normally-aspirated V12. At the same time, combined fuel consumption is 29.7mpg and carbon dioxide emissions are 220g/km, figures which compare well with the levels achieved by the cleanest diesels in the segment.

The dual-stage CVT gives the LS 600h excellent acceleration and is matched to an all-wheel drivetrain with a central mechanical Torsen limited slip differential, to give handling with excellent stability in high performance driving.

In addition, Lexus will present its first long wheelbase model, the LS 600h L.