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Toyota’s Green Theme at the Geneva Motor Show

Toyota is focusing on its vision for sustainable mobility at the Geneva motor show, with two contrasting new hybrid power concept cars making their debut.

Toyota is committed to finding and implementing technologies, designs and processes that reduce the impact of cars on the environment and its world-leading Hybrid Synergy Drive technology is at the core of this strategy, as it progresses towards development of the ultimate eco-car.


Geneva will mark the world debut of Hybrid X, a concept car that proposes a new design language for Toyota hybrid models, while also serving as a showcase for future hybrid technology.

By contrast, FT-HS (Future Toyota – Hybrid Sports) envisions a sports car for the 21st Century, with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration and zero to 62mph acceleration in the four-second range. FT-HS demonstrates the potential of hybrid technology to deliver a new, powerful driving experience, as well as outstanding environmental performance.