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Ford set to extend FFV range

Ford has announced that it is to more than double the number of flex fuel models offered in Europe in 2008. Ford currently offers the Focus and C-Max with a Flex Fuel option in 11 European countries including the UK.

Flex fuel vehicles are capable of running on any blend between E0 (0% bioethanol, 100% petrol) and E85 (85% bioethanol, 15% petrol). The wider availability of FFV’s is seen as key to enabling a nationwide bioethanol distribution network to be developed as FFV drivers will never be stranded due to a lack of availability of bioethanol but are able to use E85 when it is available.

The technology behind FFV’s is simple, low cost and well tested. Prolonged backing from the Brazilian Government has resulted in bioethanol becoming the dominant road fuel, leading to VW becoming the first manufacturer to phase out petrol only models in June 2006. All Brazilian spark ignition VW are now FFV. Meanwhile in Europe Ford has been selling FFV’s in Sweden for the past six years and has now sold over 28,500 vehicles.

Ford chose the Geneva Motorshow to announce that the Galaxy, S-Max and new Mondeo will be the latest models to benefit from flex fuel technology in early 2008. Technical details and market availability will be announced closer to the launch, but we expect the UK to be one of the early markets.