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170mph and 70mpg

Trident Iceni claims 170mph top speed and 70mpg fuel economy

The Trident Iceni

A new British sports car manufacturer claims their 6.6 litre V8 two-seater sports car can achieve 70mpg at a consistent 56mph – and they are intending to prove it by driving 1000 miles from Norwich to Monaco on one tank of fuel.

The Trident Iceni, which runs on bio-diesel, is designed, developed and manufactured by Trident Performance Vehicles Ltd, based in Norfolk.

The Monaco challenge began at Norwich, where the Iceni was viewable for the first time, and when the 100 litre fuel tank was drained and re-fueled with Bio-Diesel, supplied by Green Fuels Ltd. The fuel cap was signed and sealed by an independent observer, rendering it tamper-proof, before Trident Sales Director and former racing driver, Kelly Bevan and motoring journalist, Suzannah Sorrell set off for Monaco.

It’s planned that the Iceni will arrive in Monaco on Thursday, 19th April. The car will then have its fuel seal removed, any residual fuel will be drained and the quantity verified and recorded, again by an independent observer, before going on to complete a maiden lap of the famous Monaco Grand Prix Circuit.

The car will then be displayed at the Top Marques International Motor Show from 19th–22nd April 2007.

Trident claim their car – capable of 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds with a top (limited) speed of 170mph – is also one of the most fuel efficient sports cars available today – and at £60,000, one of the cheapest. They also claim that if the top speed wasn’t limited, according to computer calculations it would be 230mph!

The Iceni has an 8 speed automatic gearbox which, mated to the 375bhp engine, results in a low engine speed, operating at a maximum of 4500rpm – so assisting the claimed economy figures.

A video diary of the journey will be recorded by on-board video cameras and the footage will be viewable at