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Find out how car clubs work in London

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WhizzGo, the pay-by-the-hour car club, is holding two special events in London in June, where the public can come and learn all about how WhizzGo works and more about its schemes in Camden.

The first will be on Saturday 23 June from 11am to 3pm in Robert Street, next to the Regent’s Park Estate, and the second is on Saturday 30th June at the Queen’s Crescent Community Festival, from midday to 6pm.

Car clubs are already recognised as being environmentally friendly as it is estimated that each car club car on the road replaces six private cars. WhizzGo goes one step further by using a fuel-efficient Citroën fleet, many converted to LPG and it recently added its first hybrid, a Toyota Prius , to its fleet in York.

WhizzGo provided the logistical support at the REVOLVE eco rally that took place on Tuesday 5th June, World Environment Day. WhizzGo chauffeured around celebrities such as Sir Stirling Moss, Quentin Willson and Vicki Butler-Henderson in its LPG-fuelled Citroën C3s.

WhizzGo now has new car bays in Camden; a multi vehicle bay in Melton Street by Euston Station, offering a choice of four vehicles – including a Berlingo van and a seven-seater Citroën C8. There are also two new bays in Chalk Farm and Regent’s Park which are part of a scheme to benefit Camden Council’s tenants, many of whom have difficulty accessing a car.

On joining WhizzGo there is £150 payable at the outset comprising £125 fully refundable insurance deposit and a £25 registration fee. Camden Council tenants, however, pay just £39 for the refundable insurance deposit and a £9 registration fee.

Using WhizzGo is very economical, with none of the worries normally associated with car ownership such as MOT, servicing, refuelling, breakdown cover, insurance or even cleaning. WhizzGo is also very simple to use, customers just book – either online, or by telephone – and go, and cars are usually never more than 10 minutes away in well-marked, easy-to-access on-street parking bays.

The cost of driving a WhizzGo C3 hatchback is never more than £4.95 an hour (including VAT and 30 free miles). And London-registered WhizzGo vehicles don’t pay the London Congestion Charge.

WhizzGo, which is based in Leeds, works in partnership with local councils and public transport operators to integrate its service into the public transport network. It also works with private developers and city planners to help make urban regeneration as sustainable as possible. WhizzGo now operates in 10 towns and cities including the recently launched schemes in Sheffield and Sutton in Surrey.

UPDATE – August 2009 City Car Club buys WhizzGo – Purchase of WhizzGo marks first major consolidation within UK car club market. New combined company now has operations in London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh, Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Huddersfield, Norwich, Birmingham, and Southampton with more in the pipeline.