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Ford Verve Concept points the way for the next Fiesta

Ford will reveal its Verve Concept at next month’s Frankfurt Motor
Show. The company says that it hints at the new design direction for
future compact cars, and it plans to closely gauge public reaction
while its designers work behind the scenes creating Ford’s next
supermini generation.

The Ford Verve
Concept follows in the footsteps of the Iosis and Iosis X, whose design
philosophy inspired production models such as the new Mondeo and S-MAX.

Smith, Executive Director of Design for Ford of Europe, explained:
“Bold, even radical, Ford Verve Concept demonstrates the potential of
Ford’s kinetic design philosophy to visualise a small car that is a
chic and modern, and one that makes an individual statement for a
sophisticated, fashion-aware generation.”

says that the design is “bold and sporty, with the front of the
supermini dominated by a large, inverted trapezoidal lower grille with
the familiar Ford oval centred in the compact upper opening.” But has
no-one in the company noticed that Peugeot has already gone down the
route of a similar large grille?

says that its Verve Concept’s sleek lines, 18-inch alloys, panoramic
glass roof and B-pillarless structure give it an elegant, coupe-like

The interior design has been
inspired by the latest mobile phones; curves combine with clever
technology to create a stylish but user-friendly environment.

Convers+ system, which allows quick and easy access to all
driver-operated functions, is central to the interior design, with a
large colour screen displaying all essential information.

new generation of buyers raised with mobile electronic devices would
feel right at home in this new automotive interior, one that exceeds
the standards typical in the small-car segment,” said Niko Vidakovic,
Chief Interior Designer, Ford of Europe.

its lead from the success of Ford’s new S-MAX and latest Mondeo, the
Verve Concept symbolises Ford’s ambition to be a leader in small
vehicle design by creating individual cars for individual customers.

says that elements of the Ford Verve Concept are almost certain to
appear in future production models, but the company doesn’t say
anything about its vision for the environmental credentials of their
future small cars.