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London’s Black Cabs Go Bio Powered

Radio Taxis Group Limited, the UK’s largest black cab operators, has taken steps to cut carbon dioxide emissions across its 3,000 strong black cab fleet. At a launch ceremony with London Mayor Ken Livingstone, the company announced that it is building on its ’every journey is CarbonNeutralŽ’ promise with the introduction of a new high performance 30 per cent sustainable biodiesel blend for its drivers.

Called E3, the blend is the world’s first biofuel to be specifically created for use in taxis. Developed in partnership with UK based Infinitum Limited, the fuel is blended using UK grown virgin oilstock. Tailpipe testing by VCA approved Emission Laboratory (UK) Ltd has found that the fuel delivers a seven per cent reduction in CO2 emissions, significant cuts in harmful emissions, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide, and a 4.7 per cent reduction in particulate matter alongside a 9.31 per cent improvement in miles per gallon.

The combined impact of reduced CO2 emissions and improved mileage per gallon means that the new fuel has the potential to deliver a fleet-wide cut of up to almost 3,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, said: “London already has the best taxi service in the world, and I am working with the taxi trade to make it the cleanest. New regulations introduced this year mean that the capital’s 20,000 black cabs must now meet strict emissions standards, making vehicles less polluting to help improve London’s air quality.

“I congratulate Radio Taxis’ commitment to go a step further and introduce a greener fuel in their vehicles. By tackling carbon emissions in this way, Radio Taxis are demonstrating that forward-thinking businesses have an important role to play in tackling climate change and I hope that other London businesses will take their lead.”

Andrew Herbert, Managing Director of Radio Taxis Group, said: “Radio Taxis Group was the world’s first ground transport fleet to go CarbonNeutralŽ. But today we recognise that offset is not enough, the challenge is to deliver real and significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

“The roll-out of this new biofuel means that we will be driving down CO2 emissions, driving down particulate emissions and, with fuel economy gains, driving down costs for our drivers.”

Radio Taxis Group also unveiled its high visibility reflector stickers carried on the front window screen and designed to allow passengers the option to spot, and hail, a greener taxi.

Andrew Herbert concluded: “The high visibility reflector strip is a simple way to empower Londoners to take action. We will continue to pay to offset the emissions created by every passenger journey in a Radio Taxis Group black cab – and we are offering all our drivers the choice to fill up on a premium quality biofuel. We all have a responsibility to manage our impact on the environment, this gives passengers a simple way to do their bit.”

Radio Taxis Group is a pioneer of sustainable travel in the UK. As well as being the first transport provider in the world to become CarbonNeutralŽ it has put in place a comprehensive environmental impact management programme that includes a wide range of measures designed to deliver tangible carbon reductions.