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New Green Car Insurance Company

GIC logo

A new car insurance provider has been launched to drive motorists towards a greener future.

The Green Insurance Company aims to make it easy to be green by offering environmentally friendly car insurance without charging more for the privilege.

Committed to a policy of reduce, recycle and reuse, The Green Insurance Company will offset 100 per cent of your vehicle’s carbon emissions at no extra cost (by planting trees) and has pledged to invest five percent of its annual profits into sustainable environmental projects. The competitive provider also promises discounts for low-emissions, and will offer reconditioned car parts where available, and will recycle most of your car if it is written-off.

Andrew McMillan, managing director of The Green Insurance Company, which has just celebrated its launch, said: “You don’t need to be an eco-warrior to make a difference. We don’t want to patronise or preach to people. While we offer innovative products that make it easy for customers to be green, we also want to educate customers, aiming to set a green example for others to follow by living our values.”

After 12 years in the insurance industry with Kwik-Fit Insurance Services, Andrew, 31, came up with the business idea and has been appointed managing director of the new subsidiary company The Green Insurance Company.

He said: “I’m delighted that Kwik-Fit Insurance Services has given me the financial backing to go ahead. Through The Green Insurance Company I want to give drivers a real choice. Rather than insure the old fashioned way, I want to offer competitive prices, quality cover, great service and help undo some of the damage caused by emissions. The Green Insurance Company is for everyone, no matter where people are on the green scale. Insuring with us will not save the world alone but it is a step in the right direction.”

The Scottish-based company has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by purchasing a fleet of eco-friendly Toyota Prius hybrid cars for its staff.