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Modec to launch at American Electric Vehicle Show

Modec, the UK-based zero emission electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, is making its official American debut at the 23rd Electrical Vehicle Symposium in California, December 2nd – 5th 2007.

EVS 23 is the world’s leading event for Electric Vehicle Industry and brings together researchers, manufactures, and customers. This year’s event will mark Modec’s first official appearance at the show.

Modec gave a sneak preview of the vehicle at two earlier US events; Seattle’s Clean Vehicles Now, and Calsart’s Hybrid Truck Users Forum, where customers asked to be placed on the waiting list.

Modec’s participation in EVS 23 will include:

• Displaying a chassis cab

• Offering the chance to drive a Box Van configuration in the EVS Ride & Drive event

• One of only nine exhibitors elected to present at the official Media Event

• Modec owner Jamie Borwick has been invited to deliver the keynote address on the state of EV development in Europe

• Modec senior staff Trevor Power and William Doelle will be delivering a presentation and sitting as panellists on a discussion of the value to manufacturing a purpose built EV

William Doelle, Director of Business Development explains Modec’s participation in the Ride & Drive, the Exhibition and the Symposium; “Having successfully launched our ground-breaking vehicle into the UK market with lead customers such as Tesco, we are now engaged in a research and development programme to ensure that we fully understand the requirements of US customers. We have been delighted with the number and quality of potential partners who wish to work with us in bringing our distinctive vehicle to North America”.

Modec will be bringing several key senior staff to EVS 23 to allow onsite responses to questions from major fleets regarding the suitability of the Modec for specific applications.

Capable of a 100 mile range at highway speeds with a payload of up to 2 tonnes, the vehicle is now being adopted by some of the UK’s largest fleets.

Modec vehicles are designed around a large, removable battery pack and are ‘battery-agnostic’, giving customers the ability to ‘plug and play’ with different battery sizes and chemistries. Modec introduced its vehicles to the UK market with Sodium Nickel Chloride (“Zebra”) batteries, but is currently in the process of adopting the latest generation of Lithium batteries and these are expected to power the vehicles marketed in the United States. Modec’s Lithium packs offers a similar performance to their Zebra equivalents, but are more flexible in operation and do not need to be kept at a constant high temperature.