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RHA launches 2ppl Fuel Duty Offensive

The Road Haulage Association is launching its “Stop the 2ppl” fuel duty campaign. This urges the Chancellor to think again about a further tax rise on road fuel scheduled for 1 April.

“We are saying that this increase must be delayed at least, but preferably abandoned,” said RHA Chief Executive Roger King.

The campaign will kick off with a reception in the Scottish Parliament on 29 January, followed by a similar event in the House of Commons the following night. Every RHA member will receive a letter and fact sheet directed at their member of parliament which the member is being urged to send.

“The key to our campaign is the widening gap between what UK hauliers pay for their fuel and what the growing number of foreign hauliers now entering the country pay for theirs”, continued Roger King. “We feel let down by the government that despite promises made way back in 2001 absolutely nothing has been done to address this anomaly”.

The RHA is very encouraged that the British Chamber of Commerce have pledged support over this issue. “High fuel prices makes UK transport less competitive and threatens jobs,” continued Roger King. “We recognise the government wants to send an environmental message to the motorist, which, through high fuel prices, requires him/her to ask whether a journey is necessary or can an alternative be used, but there is no such option for the movement of road freight. The railway can only handle a limited amount of long distance movements; the average lorry haul is just 60 miles. Our ultimate goal is to detach lorry taxation from that of the car. For nine years we have campaigned for this. It is now more vital than ever”.

In early February the RHA will be meeting the Chancellor when it will again make its case. “We hope by then that members of parliament will have joined with us and the British Chamber of Commerce in expediting a positive response from the Chancellor”.