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New 120g/km Skoda Fabia Estate now on sale

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for any more cars with
emissions of 120g/km to appear, here’s yet another one. The new Skoda
Fabia Estate is now on sale, and the 1.4 TDi PD 80bhp version manages
emissions of just 120g/km CO2. This translates to 60mpg combined.

This means that the 1.4 TDi PD 80bhp model enjoys band B VED which
covers cars from 101 to 120g/km, and it means road tax costs just
£35.00 per year – and of course it may enter London for free if the
Congestion Charge proposals are approved.

Note that the lower powered 1.4 TDi PD 70bhp has higher emissions at
127g/km. Even the petrol 1.2 HTP 12v 70bhp emits a respectable 140g/km.

The estate range, with 1,460-litres of potential stowage space, costs
between £9,360 and £13,775 and has insurance groupings start as low as
2E for the 1.2 HTP (70bhp) Fabia Estate 1.

Over 30,000 examples of its predecessor were sold between 2001 and 2007.

Skoda’s average CO2 emissions figure across its range is 152g/km.