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Survey shows fuel efficiency twice as important as safety for car buyers

We knew it already, but new research has found that green credentials are now a major selling point for car buyers. Research from Global Reviews, the customer experience benchmarking company, reveals that:

15% of car buyers say that fuel efficiency is the most important buying factor.

21% consider price to be the number one priority, 17% value look and style the most. Only 7% rate safety as the most important factor.

When asked for their top two priorities:

Greenhouse emissions is one of the top two most important factors for 6% of car buyers.

Fuel efficiency moved up to second place, overtaking look and style‚ with 23% stating it was the most or second most important factor when buying a car.

When choosing their green car, 64% of car buyers stated that they would definitely or probably use the internet to find out the fuel efficiency of a car. 57% believe that it is very or extremely important to have information online about the environmental ratings of cars.

Global Reviews asked over 1,000 car buyers what they look when buying a car, how much they planned to use the internet during the process, and what information they would like car providers to offer online. They then looked at the leading websites across the industry to create a benchmark of best practice against which all providers could be assessed.

The benchmark found that BMW offer the best overall customer experience online with a score of 58%. BMW and Jaguar offer the best information to prospective customers with scores of 64% for this category. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi. Jaguar and VW all offer information about the fuel efficiency of their cars on their websites.

“The majority of car companies have recognised this green trend and are providing fuel efficiency information online. The question is whether concerns over greenhouse gases will rise. Fuel inefficiency costs you money. Increased greenhouse gas is a less tangible cost. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops. For now, there is a lot more companies can do to make it easier for customers to find the car they are looking for online.” Adam Goodvach, Director, Global Reviews.