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City of London to end free parking for electric vehicles

NICE electric vehicle

News that the City of London is to end free parking for electric vehicles because the scheme has become ‘too successful’ has been branded ‘barmy’ by electric car company NICE . The u-turn comes in the week government is expected to publish its renewable energy strategy, which will point to the benefits of boosting the market for electric vehicles.

“The reasons for scrapping this incentive are plain daft”, said NICE co-founder Julian Wilford. “The City’s Department of Environmental Services has said that free parking encourages people to use electric cars; surely that’s the point?”

“Electric cars emit no air quality pollutants or carbon dioxide; they are far cleaner than conventional cars, buses and taxis. We think the City’s decision has nothing to do with improving the environment and everything to do with short-term financial gain.”

The NICE Car Company has welcomed moves by forward-thinking authorities like Westminster Council. Working with EDF, the Energy Saving Trust and Transport for London, Westminster recently introduced 10 new ‘juice points’ across the borough. These are on-street recharging sockets for electric cars like the NICE Mega City.

More local authorities are now following Westminster’s lead, offering incentives like residents’ parking concessions and free re-charging facilities. The City is the first to introduce a concession – and then scrap it.

“Car makers are moving mountains to bring electric models to market, but we have cars on sale now”, added Wilford. “Removing this incentive creates uncertainty at a time when consumers need clear, long-term signals on the benefits of clean, electric motoring. The City’s approach is the worst kind of greenwash.”