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Racing Team Will Compete Carbon Zero

Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing was launched this week, the first motor-racing team to announce its intention to operate a zero carbon policy.

Operated by Team CVR (Clyde Valley Racing), the team will be part of the action in the 2009 HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Colin Neill, team principal for Team CVR said: “Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing will enter as an independent, professional and environmentally-efficient team, with the clear intention of winning races. To operate a zero carbon policy throughout, we are working with a number of R&D partners, and will be using biofuels. The aim is demonstrate that motorsport is part of the solution, not the problem.”

Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing, which will race a brace of Seat Leons, announced the 2009 driver line-up. Fan favourite Dan Eaves will return to the BTCC having finished 3rd in the 2005 season, and the first driver to achieve three race wins in one day. He will be joined by Phiroze Bilimoria, arguably the premier Indian-born racing driver competing in British motorsport.

The commercial and consultant alliance partners which are working with Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing include Energy Efficient Motorsport (EEMS), co2balance, Cenex, CNG Services Ltd and Organic Power Ltd.

Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing is working with co2balance to implement its zero carbon policy, minimising emissions from its entire operation and offsetting any balance through energy efficiency projects in Africa.

Simon Smith, marketing director for title sponsor Cartridge World, said: “There are many companies working to tackle the factors that influence global warming. Cartridge World is one, by preventing millions of empty cartridges from being sent automatically to landfill.

“Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing is the only team in Europe to take the ‘zero carbon’ approach, and the only one created with the sole intention of showcasing the performance, reliability and environmental advantages of new fuels, technology and ongoing R&D. The association with the team further enhances Cartridge World’s commitment to the environment and provides the company and its franchisees throughout the UK with a platform from which to demonstrate there is a genuinely viable alternative to buying original cartridges.”