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T 25 City Car

Evolution of city cars - from small to smaller

Gordon Murray Design says that its T.25 city car – architecture, packaging and manufacturing process – promises to be the biggest revolution in the mass production of cars in the last 100 years.

The T.25 programme is at mid-point with 12 months work completed in the 24 month programme. Work carried out to date is meeting schedule and budget targets and the progress on design is showing that the weight and cost targets are also on track.

‘Real world’ quotations for the new manufacturing process have shown that all the ambitious targets for a massive reduction in manufacturing, running and lifecycle CO2 damage reductions will be met or bettered. Component design is almost complete with the first prototype build scheduled to begin in early 2009.

The company says that the T.25 programme is not just about innovative vehicle packaging and lightweight design, it also offers solutions to reduce congestion and parking problems, whilst addressing the problem of full lifecycle CO2 damage.

The manufacturing process is a complete re-think on the way cars are built , and promises to revolutionise car production.

The T.25 is designed to protect our mobility, personal freedom and driving ‘fun’ whilst greatly reducing the environmental damage from vehicle manufacturing and running.

Interest in the T.25 programme has been world-wide and Gordon Murray Design is currently in discussion with several prestigious companies and groups regarding both the sale of the T.25 programme for volume production and other versions of vehicles using the same manufacturing process.