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Peugeot Blue Lion Standard

Peugeot 107

You may have noticed the trend for manufacturers to give a name to their green models. Peugeot has now done this and followed the same line as PSA Group partner Citroën with its Airdream signature.

Peugeot’s Blue Lion standard is awarded to all models with:
• CO2 emissions that are lower than or equal to 130 g/km for vehicles that use fossil fuels
• Manufactured in an ISO 14001 certificated manufacturing plant
• Designed so that, at the end of its life, the vehicle is 95% recyclable

Peugeot has 33 models with CO2 emissions lower or equal to 120 g/km and 50 models with CO2 emissions lower or equal to 130 g/km.

In comparison, Citroën’s Airdream programme has 50 vehicles in the current line up and they meet the following criteria:
• CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km or, fitted with diesel particulate filter system (DPFS) with CO2 below 158g/km or, run on superethanol E85 or, fitted with Stop & Start technology.
• Manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory.
• Designed to be 95% recoverable (recycling and energy recovery) at end of life.