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Nissan Nuvu

The Nissan Nuvu is an electric city car that follows in the footsteps of the Toyota iQ with innovative interior packaging.

The Nuvu is a 3 metres long concept vehicle with unique 2+1 seating. It even has solar panels on its roof. Shaped like leaves on a branch, the power they generate is fed to the battery using a ‘tree trunk’ within the car as a conduit. Nissan reckons that the power generated via the solar panels will save the equivalent of one full overnight charge from mains electricity each month.

Nissan has already announced plans to introduce an all-electric car in Japan and the US in 2010 and to mass-market it globally in 2012 and the Nuvu shares some of the technology that will feature in the planned production vehicle.

Nuvu has two regular seats and a third occasional chair that can be folded down when required – together with a luggage area providing sufficient space for a supermarket shop.

“We did a great deal of research into how people use their cars in the city. We found that for 90 percent of the time, the driver was alone. For five percent of the time there was one passenger and for four percent of the time there were two passengers. You can do the math to find out how often four or more people were in the car!” says Nissan.