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A new electric car is here, the MyCar. It certainly looks more funky than the G-Wiz, however the performance isn’t as impressive as the looks suggest, with a range of between just 40 and 60 miles from its lead acid battery, and a maximum speed of only 40mph.

The MyCar appeared at last year’s London Motor Show, on the stand of NICE, who later went into administration. However a new distributor, evstores, based on Park Lane, is now hoping to get the vehicles on London’s streets.

The MyCar is Italian and claims the title of Electric Car of the Year 2008. Both the exterior and interior are both better designed and feel of higher quality than the G-Wiz (not difficult you may say).

The MyCar has all the normal benefits of an electric car; zero emissions from the tailpipe, significantly lower CO2 emissions when charging from a power station is factored in (electric charging is claimed to cost less than 2p per mile); electric cars are exempt from Road Tax and the London Congestion Charge. Parking is also free for electric cars in Westminster.

There are also business tax benefits; the MyCar is available for less than 50p per day tax liability for a standard rate taxpayer. With benefit in kind charges calculated at only 9%, even a high rate tax payer would pay less than a £1 per day in tax. Employers who buy the vehicle are allowed 100% corporation tax write-down in the first year which can be as much as 28% straight off the purchase cost of the vehicle. Maintenance and insurance costs are also very low.

The My Car costs £9,995 on the road including tax and batteries. Evstores also sells electric Micro-Vett commercial vehicles and vans, Tazzari city cars and e-max scooters.