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SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive sets fuel economy record of 97.4 mpg

The new generation SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive has covered 970 miles (1,562 km) on a single tank of fuel, resulting in an average consumption figure of 97.4 mpg.

This feat was undertaken by Austrian Gerhard Plattner, an internationally renowned economy-driving champion.

Plattner set out from SEAT’s Headquarters in Martorell, near Barcelona, at the wheel of an Ibiza Ecomotive 5dr, after both the bonnet and the fuel cap had been sealed. The journey began under the supervision of the IPMC (International Police Motor Corporation), and was initially planned along an 835-mile route from south to north on public motorways.

Plattner drove the Ibiza Ecomotive through Perpignan, Avignon, Lyon, Mulhouse, Freiburg, Frankfurt and finally Göttingen on his way to setting the record. At some points along the way on motorways in Spain and France, Plattner brought the Ibiza up to cruising speeds of nearly 70 mph.

By the time Plattner arrived in Frankfurt, the SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive had already set a world record for fuel economy of a car in its category. However, with fuel still left in the tank Plattner decided to continue driving until he reached Göttingen, where the chairman of the IPMC removed the seal from the fuel cap and filled the car with exactly the same quantity as when the car had left Martorell – 45.53 litres.

A smiling Plattner said: ‘Setting this record has been incredible. Without a doubt, it has been the most spectacular fuel-saving challenge this year. The pouring rain practically all through the night made driving difficult, but the Ibiza Ecomotive performed to perfection.’

The Ibiza Ecomotive has an official fuel consumption figure of 76.3 mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of 98g/km. This is achieved by optimised streamlining, weight reduction and modifications to the 80 PS 1.4 TDI engine’s electronic management. It’s also the only model equipped with air conditioning and a five-door body option with such a low emissions level.