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World’s first billing system for electric vehicle charging points

A ground-breaking tool for monitoring and invoicing electricity drawn from vehicle charging stations will debut at the Norwegian zero-emissions exhibition, EVS 24, today. Called ‘EBConnect’ – the latest technical innovation from British company Elektromotive – the system will make it easy to identify energy consumption and bill customers accurately. It will be installed in all Elektrobay charging stations, of which there are already over 160 in the UK.

The sophisticated EBConnect software manages a two-way exchange of data via GSM and the internet to track electricity usage and invoice accordingly. The system allows the possibility of a number of payment methods including a ‘pay-and-go’ service, where the user adds credits to their personalised Elektrobay keyfob. Alternatively, costs can be automatically added to the consumer’s household utility bill, or the balance can be settled remotely with the user paying via SMS text messages, interactive voice recordings and automatic registration number recognition.

While the cost of charging electric vehicles is minimal in comparison to refuelling petrol or diesel powered vehicles, advancements such as EBConnect are essential to the development of a charging network. The intelligent Elektrobay is the world’s only fully operational charging station that is compatible with all fully-electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

Another world first to be unveiled at EVS 24 is Elektromotive’s Three-Phase ‘Fast Charge’ Elektrobay prototype. With a power supply of 32 amps, this charging station will reduce charging times, making it particularly suitable for heavier users of electricity and commercial vehicles. The single unit is the first of its kind to provide two separate five-pin power sockets, both able to accommodate the all-new Mennekes plug, which is anticipated to become standardised on all electric commercial vehicles.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director for Elektromotive commented, “We are working hard to increase our network of charging stations around the globe. By offering new technologies, such as EBConnect and the Three-Phase ‘Fast Charge’ Elektrobay, we are helping to facilitate the transition to electric-powered passenger and commercial vehicles.”