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Fiat Qubo gets ecoDrive

The Fiat Qubo mini-MPV is the latest in Fiat’s range to be available with eco:Drive. This system allows drivers to download a record of their driving style from car to computer with a USB memory stick, helping them to improve the economy of the already efficient Qubo even further.

Launched by Fiat in 2008, the free-of-charge, award-winning system helps motorists understand the impact of their driving in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and offers suggestions on how to improve efficiency further by changing driving habits.

The system works using Fiat’s Blue&Me entertainment and communications system. Plugging a USB key into an appropriately enabled Blue&Me port allows eco:Drive to record information about your driving style. Inserting the USB into a computer then shows how you performed, and how you can become a more efficient driver.

This is the first time that drivers of standard road cars have been able to receive detailed information about how they are operating their car by exporting it to their computer. This concept of linking in-car diagnostics with a desktop application aims to give users information about how they actually drive.

The system analyses driving techniques and awards marks out of 100, providing a score on an ecoIndex. This shows how efficiently you have driven based on your acceleration, deceleration, gear changes, and speed. Step-by-step tutorials then help you improve the score, showing you how to perfect your driving using information from your own journeys.

eco:Drivers can expect to make improvements of up to 15 per cent in their driving efficiency. This means reductions of 10-15 per cent in CO2 emissions, and substantial savings on their annual fuel bill.

This new technology is not just about individual gain – it’s also about a collective spirit. Fiat’s unique online community, ecoVille, will be populated by all Fiat eco:Drivers around the world, and will show how much CO2 they are all saving together. Drivers are encouraged to give feedback to help make eco:Drive as useful as possible.

Four versions of the Qubo are available with prices ranging from £9,755 to £12,350. There are two engines, the 1.3-litre MultiJet turbodiesel and a 1.4-litre petrol.

Fiat’s award-winning 75 bhp 1.3-litre 16v MultiJet is the world’s smallest and most advanced second generation turbodiesel. It returns a combined economy figure of 62.8 mpg, with emissions of 119 g/km.

The 73 bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine has 40.4 mpg economy and CO2 emissions of 165 g/km.

Either engine can be specified with a five-speed manual gearbox, while MultiJet buyers have the option of a six-speed Dualogic clutchless sequential manual shift with fully automatic mode. There’s even an ‘Economy’ button which will cut fuel consumption by ensuring the driver is always in the most economical gear.