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Greentomatocars takes delivery of new Prius and offers free fares

Greentomatocars has taken delivery of the very first third generation Toyota Prius in London, and to celebrate the fact, any customer that travels in the new Prius on Friday 14 August won’t have to pay for their journey.

That sounds too easy, but passengers can’t phone and ask for a ride in the new Prius – they’ll only find out if they have won a free journey if it turns up. This reflects the tradition of London cabbies not charging for their first fare after passing “The Knowledge”.

CEO Tom Pakenham said: “At greentomatocars, we’ve always done things a little differently and we love to put a smile on our customers’ faces. We are delighted to offer all our customers the opportunity to be the first Londoners to experience the comfort, performance and unparalleled environmental benefits offered by the new Prius and for a lucky few, we hope to make them smile by giving them a free ride.”

The new Prius has had a ninety percent component redesign for a lighter more compact and efficient full hybrid system. The fuel economy in the new Prius has been improved by 10 per cent to 72.4mpg along with tax efficient CO2 emissions of 89g/km, which is down 14 per cent from the second generation Toyota Prius.

Greentomatocars became the first exclusively environmentally friendly private hire service in London, when it launched its operations in March 2006. It now has 100 Toyota Prius in its fleet, which operates 24/7 across London and the Home Counties.