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Yet another
new green car concept at the Frankfurt Motorshow is Citroën’s REVOLTe plug-in

We’re not
sure that the name translates well into English, and Citroën says the REVOLTe
is inspired by the 2CV – again, there may be mixed views about whether this is
a good thing, and perhaps this may have been the motivation behind the
‘revolting’ name. However the REVOLTe is designed to be a luxurious small car,
hardly something that can be said of the 2CV.

re-chargeable hybrid powertrain features a small-capacity conventional
combustion engine combined with an electric motor, and a battery under the rear
seats. Citroën says it can run in zero emission mode but beyond that it sounds
like the details are yet to be worked out – suggesting that this concept car is
just that – a car that may never see the light of day.

And there’s
also a folding roof covered with solar cells, which power the climate control
system, so reducing the load on the batteries.

It comes with
a three-seater layout – a driver’s seat to one side with two passenger seats
behind it. Citroën claims that this is designed to resemble a lounge, with the
rear seats taking the form of a ‘contemporary sofa’. The passenger on the
opposite side to the driver can stretch out their legs fully into the space
where the front passenger seat would have traditionally been.