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Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Land Glider EV zero-emission city car
Nissan will present various show cars at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show including the ‘Land Glider’ electric vehicle (EV) concept car.

Also on display will be the ‘Leaf’ EV which is due for global launch and volume production in late 2010, and ‘Qazana’, a new compact sport crossover.

The Land Glider EV is an ultra-narrow zero-emission city car that tilts when cornering. It looks fairly wild, however it’s just a concept car, whereas the Leaf is due to be the world’s first EV designed for large-scale volume production.

The Leaf is a five-seat, five-door hatchback with a range of more than 100 miles on one full charge. It features an advanced IT system that is specially designed for electric cars; a navigation screen supports the driver by displaying remaining range and battery-charging locations. Read about our drive of the EV-02 prototype.

The Qazana is a new five-door compact sport crossover and Nissan claims that the exterior and interior design is inspired by beach buggies. The aim is to combine a sporty driving experience with good environmental performance.