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Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Plug-in Hybrid car

Suzuki will exhibit a number of low emission concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show including a Swift with a Plug-in Hybrid system and an SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The latest manufacturer to join the plug-in party, the Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid has just a 660cc engine, together with a generator to charge the lithium-ion battery if the capacity level drops. It can also be recharged when parked using a domestic plug socket. Suzuki says the Swift Plug-in Hybrid is designed to be driven primarily on electric power and so is ideal for drivers who travel low mileages of around 20km every day.

Also on display as part of Suzuki’s longer term future is the SX4 FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) which combines a General Motors produced high performance fuel cell with a Suzuki developed high pressure hydrogen tank and a light and compact capacitor. The capacitor recovers energy during braking and uses it to reduce the loading on the fuel cell under acceleration. The FCV is currently under test on public roads in Japan.

Suzuki is even displaying a green scooter. Based on the same technology as the Crosscage fuel cell bike shown in 2007, the Burgmann scooter now has a fuel cell which is air cooled, light and compact, with a hydrogen tank capacity of 70MPa, the highest used on a bike so far.

Suzuki will even show an electric wheelchair powered by a direct methanol fuel cell.

The Tokyo Motor Show begins on 21st October and runs to 4th November.