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Honda P-NUT

Honda P-NUT - Personal-Neo Urban Transport car

It seems that the P-NUT name is not some form of badly-timed April fool joke, it genuinely stands for Personal-Neo Urban Transport and it’s a Honda design study model car that’s been unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

Designed around a small, micro-car ‘footprint’, the P-NUT’s packaging concept includes a central driving position and rear powertrain layout.

It has a central driving position flanked by two rear seats, and the rear seating areas fold up and out of the way to increase storage capacity. The windscreen serves as a head-up display for the navigation system and the reversing camera.

The modular rear engine bay is designed to accommodate a wide variety of potential powertrain technologies including a conventional small internal combustion engine, a hybrid system, or a battery-electric drivetrain.

The P-NUT design study model car has been developed by The Advanced Design Studio of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Los Angeles. There are currently no plans for production.