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Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show

Toyota will have two particularly significant green cars at the Geneva Show, in the
form of the production version of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and the
world premiere of the showroom-ready Auris HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive).

This will be the European premiere of Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which can be charged from an electricity supply to give a greater range on its batteries and emissions of just 59 g/km CO2.

Approximately 600 units will be introduced in Japan, the United States, and Europe over the first half of 2010. Twenty will come to the UK for trials in mid-2010. Toyota says that the Plug-in Prius will be commercially available in two years.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) offers greater range on electric power, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The PHV uses lithium-ion batteries – a first for Toyota – which can be charged from an external source as well as by the car’s own hybrid drive system.

The Auris HSD is Toyota’s first hybrid model – after the Prius – to be available in the UK, and marks the start of Toyota’s programme to introduce its full hybrid powertrain technology across its entire model range by the early 2020s.

Built in Britain at Toyota’s Burnaston factory, the Auris HSD appears at Geneva ahead of sales starting across Europe in the summer.

The all-electric FT-EV II concept will also be on display, as well as Toyota’s next-generation fuel cell hybrid vehicle, the FCHV-adv, demonstrating one of the potential future applications of Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The 2010 RAV4 will be on the stand with a revised front end and interior design.

For those more interested in the sporty end of the market, the rear-wheel drive, lightweight and aerodynamic Toyota FT-86 concept will also be making its first European appearance.

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