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Volvo’s Sustainability Focus

Volvo has published its Corporate and Sustainability Report for 2009/2010 which the company says shows its commitment to sustainability.

Examples of progress include the introduction of seven DRIVe models, fuel-efficient diesel cars with low CO2 emissions, and the decision to start series production in 2012 of a plug-in hybrid that can be charged through an ordinary electrical outlet.

The company says that the continued drive towards sustainable mobility remains high up on its agenda. “Our commitment goes beyond the tailpipe emissions of our cars – we believe that our responsibility starts with our supplier chain, through production, use and recycling, encompassing a holistic environmental approach,” says Stephen Odell, President and CEO.

As of last year, Volvo Cars’ Corporate and Sustainability Report is integrated into a single document to emphasise how important sustainability issues are in the company’s everyday work. The report is divided according to the operation’s focus areas of environmental care, safety and profitability, with each section containing key ratios and results from the past year together with a description of the vision for the future.

Recurring themes in the report are the significance of cooperation and partnerships, as well as the importance of Volvo Cars’ employees and team work to be successful.

The Volvo Cars’ Corporate and Sustainability Report 2009/2010 is available to download, together with additional information about Volvo Cars’ work with sustainability issues, including the way the company complies with the guidelines for the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), at

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