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GreenFleet Scotland event

GreenFleet Scotland, sponsored by the Energy Saving Trust in Scotland, takes place on Thursday 2nd September.

It’s the year’s only opportunity for Scottish Fleet Managers and Heads of Transport to test drive the latest low and zero emission vehicles on the market today, from a wide range of conventional and electric vehicle manufacturers.

Taking place at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, on Thursday 2nd September, there will also be a range of seminars on current fleet issues along with an eco-driving challenge around the streets of Edinburgh. This showcase of green vehicles and technologies will prove to be a “must attend” event for fleet managers and showcases a range of green vehicles and technologies, the extent of which has rarely been seen previously in Scotland.

Attendance is free and includes refreshments and a buffet lunch. If you are interested, please register your details on or call 020 8532 5730.

The Energy Saving Trust in Scotland is sponsoring the GreenFleet Scotland event as they have been working with a number of public and private sector bodies to help them understand how they can save money and reduce their impact on the environment. With funding from the Scottish Government, the Energy Saving Trust in Scotland already manages carbon reducing initiatives such as green fleet reviews and travel planning and is keen to continue to promote these messages to business fleets through the GreenFleet Scotland event. More information on their offerings in Scotland can be found at .

The Energy Saving Trust encourages the adoption of travel alternatives, such as video conferencing or using public transport, but it also appreciates that there are times when travel by car or van is necessary. That is why the Energy Saving Trust is supportive of GreenFleet Scotland’s plans to bring together a selection of low carbon vehicles, so that fleet managers and other transport professionals can ‘touch, taste and feel’ the low carbon alternatives, and assess their suitability for purpose.

When whole life costs of a vehicle are taken into account, it can be demonstrated that a green vehicle can mean cost savings as well as CO2 savings. The Energy Saving Trust has calculated that Scottish organisations could save over £250 million a year through reduced fuel bills by switching to greener company cars – a figure based on the 290,000 company cars that are registered in Scotland over the last three years. Typically, a company running 100 vehicles can expect to save £85,000 annually by implementing a range of best practice recommendations.

Fleet managers are under constant pressure to deal with a range of issues, such as reducing costs, increasing safety and, importantly, introducing environmental policies to cut down on CO2 and other tailpipe emissions. GreenFleet Scotland aims to convince fleet managers and those responsible for vehicle procurement that a greener fleet doesn’t have to mean a higher level of investment.

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