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Peugeot iOn

This may look like an electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV but it's actually a Peugeot iOn

This may look like an electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV, but it’s actually a Peugeot iOn.

In fact the more accurate description would be that it is an i-MiEV, but with a Peugeot badge. However it’s still an all-electric car, and it’s available soon.

Peugeot will take a slightly different approach to Mitsubishi with the marketing. The new iOn will be available as an “all-inclusive” mobility offer consisting of a four-year, 40,000 mile contract, when the monthly payment will be £415 excluding VAT, which includes:

* The lease of the vehicle (battery pack considered part of the vehicle)
* Full warranty cover for the vehicle, battery and electric powertrain for the period of the lease
* Full servicing and full maintenance for four years and 40,000 miles
* Peugeot Connect Services (available April 2011)

Peugeot will also make available exactly the same benefits to the second user on a second four-year contract at a reduced monthly amount giving a further four years of worry-free motoring.

The Peugeot iOn has a potential range of 93 miles. In practical terms this is sufficient to cover the majority of a motorist’s daily trips, 90% of which are less than 35 miles.

It takes six hours to fully recharge the battery using a traditional household socket. A quick charge using a special charging unit provides a 50% charge in only fifteen minutes, or 80% in thirty minutes. A conventional car is supposed to be at a standstill for up to 90% of the time when used in an urban or semi-urban context.

Average running costs are estimated at £2.50 per 120 miles. Carried out overnight or during “off-peak hours”, recharging costs can be reduced further.

An electric vehicle also benefits from a range of cost savings over a conventional internal combustion engined vehicle:

* No petrol or diesel costs – potential saving of £1515 per year
* No Congestion Charge (where applicable) – saving of £1696 annual charge for London
* No Parking charges (where applicable, eg City of Westminster) – potential saving of £1939 per year – £10 x 230 days of parking, less admin fee

Total potential annual saving – £5150 by operating an electric vehicle over a conventional internal combustion powered car.

The iOn has the same level of safety equipment as a conventional modern car. Its standard equipment – six air bags, ESP, electronic brake force distribution (EBFD), emergency brake assist (EBA) – and the design of the body structure – will allow it to achieve a four star rating in the 2010-2011 EuroNcap.

The market for electric cars is expected to grow gradually, representing 4% to 5% of the total European Market by the year 2020. For this reason iOn production will build gradually, rising to a projected total of 50,000 by the year 2015.

The iOn is targeted mainly at local government, local authorities and public services and companies active in the transport and energy sectors, leasing companies, car sharing companies and the fleets of large corporations.

The first delivery of the Peugeot iOn will take place in the UK at the end of 2010.

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