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SEAT E Ecomotive badging


SEAT is introducing new badging for its greenest cars: E Ecomotive. This will be in addition to cars with the current Ecomotive badge.

This is similar to Volkswagen’s BlueMotion and BlueMotion Technology badging system. The idea is to differentiate green cars from ‘normal’ cars, then differentiate ‘very green’ cars from cars that are just ‘green’. You may be able to see some logic here, but in our experience, the customer can get a little confused by such a complex system.

The existing Ecomotive name remains and is applied to all SEAT cars that feature any ‘Ecomotive technologies’ such as auto Start/Stop or Brake Energy Recovery.

However the very lowest-emitting model in each range – which will generally include all Ecomotive technologies as well as other features such as bespoke aerodynamics and low rolling resistance tyres – will now be badged E Ecomotive.

This change comes at a time when the new Ibiza Ecomotive arrives, with lower emissions of 92 g/km CO2.

There’s also a new low emission version coming of the all-new, seven-seat Alhambra MPV.

In total, SEAT has Ecomotive versions of the Ibiza SC, Ibiza 5 door, Ibiza ST, Leon, Altea, Altea XL – and shortly the new Alhambra.

SEAT is also working on the petrol/electric hybrid Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive and the electric IBE concept.