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Mazda3 1.6D

A 1.6-litre enhanced MZ-CD turbodiesel Mazda3 with six-speed manual transmission

The Mazda3 is now available with an updated Euro 5 compliant 1.6-litre turbodiesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission, resulting in 64.2 mpg and 117 g/km CO2.

The enhanced MZ-CD 1.6 diesel engine also delivers increased power and torque. Its standard-fit diesel particulate filter (DPF) is now maintenance-free.

Due to the smaller number of parts in the two-valve SOHC engine, the updated MZ-CD 1.6 unit is 4kg lighter than its predecessor. Together with the new six-speed manual transmission that weighs 3kg less than the five-speed manual of the previous model, the updated powertrain achieves a 7kg weight saving.

The engine has a new, variable-geometry turbocharger (VGT) that is more efficient than the turbocharger fitted to the previous-generation engine.  Combined with an improved compressor and turbine it allows the engine to deliver maximum torque of 270Nm (+ 30Nm, up by 12.5 percent, versus the previous 1.6-litre diesel) across a wider engine speed range of 1,750-to-2,700rpm for improved responsiveness.

Its maximum output reaches 85kW/115ps (+ 6ps, up by 5.5 percent) at 3,600 rpm (400 rpm lower than before).

The previous MZ-CD 1.6 engine used an additive to burn off the particulate matter in the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The updated 1.6-litre engine uses an oxidation catalyst to increase the exhaust gas temperature and improve particulate combustion, enabling the DPF to operate without the use of an additive. Consequently, the newly coated DPF does not require maintenance and achieves a significant saving in running costs.

The second generation Mazda3 set an industry standard for being lighter than its predecessor, even though it is larger and better equipped. To achieve this, developers used more high-tensile steels in the bodyshell and a twin-beam instrument panel structure. They also optimised the shape of the rear suspension, while reducing the weight of numerous components. As a result, the current Mazda3 is up to 15kg lighter than the previous car depending on the model.

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