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Camden Council runs renewable fleet

Camden Modec van

Camden has become the first council in the UK to launch a fleet of vehicles powered entirely by renewable energy.

The council has introduced 15 Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vans that run on renewable Compressed Biomethane Gas. This gas is produced from organic waste at a landfill site in Surrey and it reduces nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by 60%, fine particle emissions (PM10) by 90% and lifecycle CO2 emissions by 60% compared to fossil fuels. One tonne of the gas produces the equivalent power to 1,200 litres of diesel fuel.

Camden has also upgraded its refuelling station at Camden Transport Service in King’s Cross in order to supply the gas.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Camden is also launching London’s first free electric charging point for commercial vehicles, which generates some of its energy from the refuelling station’s solar panels. With commercial vehicles being the biggest contributors to London’s air pollution, Camden is making the station publicly open to commercial vehicles operators.

Along with the Compressed Biomethane Gas vans, this is another London first. Many areas of London, including Camden, have significant air pollution challenges, and these initiatives are helping with the switch to cleaner transport.

Camden already operates a green fleet that includes hybrid, electric and LPG vehicles, including an electric Modec van that tows a hydrogen-powered generator.

The council will use its renewable-powered fleet for the street environment, housing repairs, emergency callouts and parking services.

For more information on the free electric charging point and on Camden’s refuelling station, visit the council’s air quality pages at: .