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94 mpg MINI Rocketman Concept


The MINI Rocketman Concept is a 94 mpg study car that will be revealed to the public worldwide for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Rocketman shows how a future MINI city car could look, combining high fuel economy, low emissions and driving fun, all in compact dimensions.

The Rocketman is a 3+1-seater with 3 doors and a length of just over 3 metres (approx. 10 ft.). It has a lightweight carbon spaceframe construction which is visible at the front end of the car, around its doors and in the interior.

It also comes with doors that have double-hinge joints and integrated sills; when opened, the doors pivot outwards complete with their sills, to allow easy access into the car, even in tight parking spaces.

The lightweight seats can be arranged in a variety of different positions allowing owners to choose between a two, three or four-seater layout.

The two-part tailgate consists of one section which is attached to the roof and opens extremely high, and a lower section which extends out of the body in the form of a drawer.

The full-surface glass roof is illuminated in the form of the Union Jack flag.

The car has a removable control unit integrated into the Centre Speedo which can be configured on a computer before the start of a journey, enabling the driver to transfer new music files, a navigation destination and contact details for mobile communications and internet usage into the vehicle.