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24m order for electric Range Rover

Liberty E-Range electric Range Rover

Liberty Electric Cars has received an order from Scandinavia worth £24 million for 150 electric Range Rovers .

Exploiting an unusual business opportunity, Liberty has signed a memorandum of understanding with Icelandic company, Northern Lights Energy (NLE), for an order to be delivered across Scandinavia, Iceland and the Faroe Islands over the next four years. That equates to around £160,000 per vehicle, which seems like quite a lot of money to spend.

The Liberty E-Range, the world’s first pure electric 4×4, is ideally suited to these regions where there is a large proportion of gravel roads and an advanced electricity supply grid using a vast amount of renewable energy. With relatively short distances between many of the major centres of population, the Liberty E Range, with its 200 mile range, is ideally suited to the conditions in these countries.

Ian Hobday, Managing Director of Liberty Electric Cars, says: “The Scandinavian countries are the ideal market for Liberty Electric Cars as the general policy on import duty is for this to be zero on electric vehicles, which puts the price of the Liberty E Range at the same level as an ordinary petrol or diesel luxury 4×4. The agreement with Northern Lights Energy is excellent news and indicates the enormous potential for us in these countries. “

Gisli Gislason CEO of NLE, says: “The relative low cost of electricity coupled with the increasing cost of gasoline and the desire to reduce the dependency on foreign oil make electric vehicles a perfect fit for these territories. Liberty Electric Cars’ 100 per cent pure electric vehicle technology makes it an ideal partner to work towards our underlying goal of radically improving the transportation industry across Scandinavia and Iceland.”

Liberty Electric Cars will be one of the first companies to deliver electric vehicles to Iceland and there is already considerable interest being shown in the Liberty E-Range by individuals, companies and the government.

In addition to the car, NLE supplies the customer with a charging point for his or her home, the electricity needed to run the car, as well as servicing and maintenance, all at a fixed monthly cost.

Liberty Electric Cars introduced the first pure electric Liberty E-Range in the UK at the beginning of this year.

The Liberty E-Range is initially based on a Range Rover and is aimed at the family-size and luxury vehicle market. The Liberty E-Range accelerates from zero to 60 mph in about seven seconds, reaches a top speed of 100 mph, and has a range of 200 miles on one single charge.