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Evida batteries for new Mia Electric MicroBus

The Mia Electric MicroBus will feature lithium-ion phosphate batteries from Evida

The new Mia Electric MicroBus will feature lithium-ion phosphate batteries from Evida, a battery company with its European HQ in the UK.

The French-German Mia Electric MicroBus is available as a three or four-seater, and has been designed by the former Volkswagen chief designer Murat Günak.

Mia’s first zero-emission city vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to public sector and commercial fleet operators in the third quarter of this year.

Mia will install the Evida battery packs on its assembly line in France. It is expected that Evida will supply Mia with up to 10,000 units per year until 2016.

Evida previously announced a $250 million contract with Mia Electric, one of the largest deals in the EV sector to date, at the recent 2011 Geneva International Motor Show.

Evida has its European headquarters in Coventry (UK) as well as a Chinese production facility and an Israel satellite office. Evida also has engineers in Mia’s French assembly plant in order to assist with the integration of the battery system within the vehicles.

The Mia Electric MicroBus has a central driver’s seat enabling the driver to get in and out of the car on both sides. There are three models of the vehicle, the mia, mia L, and mia box van. The four-seat mia L has three back seats.

The three-seat model weighs only 750 kg including the standard 8kWh battery and has a top speed of around 66 mph.

The standard lithium ion phosphate battery is capable of covering a distance of around 50 miles and it can be fully charged in three hours using a regular household power outlet. As an option, a more powerful 12 kWh battery is also available.

The Mia costs from 23,500 Euro, the Mia L starts at 24,500 Euro, and the Mia box van starts at 22,500 Euro.