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Modec team joins Liberty to create EV support centre


Engineers from Modec, the company producing electric commercial vehicles which recently went into administration, have joined Liberty Electric Cars to form a new Electric Vehicle support centre.

Liberty, a relatively new company itself, is best known for its electric Range Rover, the E-Range , which is now available for orders. The company is now expanding its operations to offer engineering support for EVs – for its own vehicles and for those of other manufacturers.

The company has set up its new Innovation & Customer Support Centre in Coventry. Liberty has used Modec’s staff to grow the resources of its EV engineering and development centre, known as Liberty E-Tech, and now the firm has created a support and maintenance facility, called Liberty E-Care.

Organisations that bought a Modec have been wondering how they will be supported in the area of maintenance and servicing; now they have a solution. This means that Liberty will now be working with electric commercial vehicles as well as cars.

Ian Hobday, Managing Director of Liberty Electric Cars says: “Liberty Electric Cars has created one of the most highly skilled EV engineering teams in the world. With this tremendous know-how in EV technology, Liberty will create the most exciting and high performing electric drivetrains ever seen. We have already been contacted by OEMs to develop new generation EVs for a worldwide market that we expect to grow significantly over the coming years.”

Modec was founded by Lord Jamie Borwick in 2004 and was widely regarded as the market leader in electric commercial vehicles and one of the most promising low-carbon business opportunities for the West Midlands. When take-over talks failed in March 2011, the company had no option but to call in the administrators.

Liberty Electric Cars is a clean technology company based in Coventry, which is designing, engineering and manufacturing leading-edge electric vehicle technology to serve growing demand for zero-emission transport solutions in markets around the world. Its engineers have invented innovative, patent-protected new electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain technologies that can be employed in a wide variety of vehicle platforms.

Liberty Electric Cars’ flagship product is the Liberty E-Range, which is the world’s first pure electric 4×4 and has a range of 200 miles.