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Mercedes greens its dealerships


Mercedes-Benz Retail Group (MBRG) is reducing its carbon footprint through a new ‘Green Dealer’ initiative , designed to make its retail sites more environmentally-friendly.

The scheme has been pioneered at Mercedes-Benz Watford through a project looking at the lighting, air conditioning and building management system currently in place.

Since the Green Dealer project was launched three months ago, Mercedes-Benz Watford has already exceeded its initial target for energy saving, and the initiative is projected at saving the site £20,000 per annum.

Mercedes-Benz Watford replaced its existing lighting with lamps that only come on when required and used accent LED lighting to highlight its display vehicles at night.

De-stratification fans have been installed to draw heat to ground level, and the energy management system has also been updated.

Following its success at Mercedes-Benz Watford, the Green Dealer project will now be rolled out to further sites, with similar cost savings anticipated at other venues.

Neil Williamson, Mercedes-Benz Retail Group Managing Director, said: “The Green Dealer project demonstrates how Mercedes-Benz Retail Group is leading the way in reducing workplace carbon consumption. The changes we have made at Mercedes-Benz Watford exemplify how to run a retail site in the most energy efficient way, and we are delighted with the results it has produced so far.”

Mercedes is also greening its cars, the latest Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY can manage an average of 53.3 mpg and emissions of 139 g/km CO2 in manual form.