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Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan’s display at the Tokyo Show will include three concept electric vehicles: the ESFLOW , a pure EV sports car; the TOWNPOD , an EV for business or leisure; and the PIVO 3 , an urban EV.


• World debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011 .

• Pure EV sports car concept uses technology pioneered in Nissan LEAF.

• Rear-wheel drive two-seater configuration.

• Two independently controlled mid-mounted electric motors, each driving a rear wheel, with active optimisation of vehicle dynamics and driving feel to suit individual preferences and road characteristics.

• Laminated lithium-ion batteries mounting position engineered for ideal front-to-rear balance.

• Styling with wrap-around windscreen for enhanced visibility over low bonnet, made possible by EV package.

• 0-62 mph in under five seconds.

• Over 150 mile cruising range on one charge (US LA4 mode).


• Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in September 2010.

• Vehicle flexibly adapts to user needs.

• Exterior combines coupe and roomy van design elements.

• Rear cargo space designed to be functional

• Three split doors and a split open sunroof

• Touch-screen display links to driver’s smartphone.

• Zero emission mobility.


• Automated Valet Parking (AVP) enables PIVO 3 to automatically drive, locate a parking space and park without driver assistance. It can also charge itself and return to its driver at the AVP exit when called by smartphone.

• Compact 3-seater body under 3 metre-long, narrow-tread rear tyres and in-wheel motors with wide steering angle allows PIVO 3 to make a U-turn on a road only four metres wide. The PIVO 3 has zero turn gap, so if the front wheels can make the turn, the rear wheels will follow without scraping the body side.

• Central driving position.

NSH-2012 Smart House of the Future

Nissan will display its Smart House “NSH-2012”, an implementation of the “LEAF to Home” (V2H) electric supply system, which uses power stored in Nissan LEAF’s batteries. The Smart House combines solar panels, fuel cells and Nissan LEAF’s batteries to maintain a steady power supply to the home, independent of weather conditions. Even during a power outage in a disaster, solar power and Nissan LEAF batteries can continue to supply the home with electricity.