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Volvo launches auto with same fuel economy as manual


Volvo has launched an automatic gearbox option in four DRIVe models which deliver exactly the same fuel economy and emissions as the manual versions.

The S60 DRIVE, V60 DRIVe, V70 DRIVe and the S80 DRIVe models can now be ordered with Volvo’s Powershift dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

Fuel consumption (combined cycle) and CO 2 figures are as follows:

Volvo S60 DRIVe Automatic – 65.7 mpg & 114 g/km

Volvo V60 DRIVe Automatic – 62.8 mpg & 119 g/km

Volvo V70 DRIVe Automatic – 62.8 mpg & 119 g/km

Volvo S80 DRIVe Automatic – 62.8 mpg & 119 g/km

Customers will be able to order a DRIVe Powershift in early 2012 with production starting mid-February. Prices start at £25,230 for the S60 DRIVe, £26,405 for the V60 DRIVe, £27,730 for the V70 DRIVe and £26,980 for the S80 DRIVe.

The low consumption and emission levels are the result of a number of technological improvements:

? Friction between gearbox components has been reduced.

? The engine and gearbox software have been modified.

? The start/stop system cuts off the diesel engine when the car is still rolling (below 3 mph).

? All electrical systems have been optimised to create lower energy consumption.

? The S60, V60, V70 and S80 DRIVe is fitted with Volvo’s latest 4 cylinder 8 valve 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine, delivering low CO 2 while still delivering 115hp and 270 Nm of torque.

DRIVe models are now available with:

• either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed Powershift automatic gearbox

• Brake energy regeneration

• Turbo with variable turbine geometry

• Common rail fuel supply fitted with Piezo injectors

• Combined catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter

• Start/Stop technology with intelligent climate monitoring

• Low rolling resistance tyres (dependant on specification)

The Powershift gearbox has a wet double clutch, split input shaft (outer hollow shaft encloses the inner shaft), manual gear selection available via the gear selector and is hydraulically controlled.

The petrol-powered T3 is also now under 140 g/km. By optimising the four-cylinder, 1.6-litre T3 engine (150 hp), which is available in the Volvo S60 and V60, Volvo has managed to bring fuel consumption down to 49.0 mpg in the S60 (previously 42.8mpg). This corresponds to CO 2 emissions of just 135 g/km, a reduction of 17 g/km.

The Powershift transmission can now be specified with the T3 engine, reducing an entry-level price of an automatic S60 to £24,270. The figures for the direct-injected T3 engine combined with automatic Powershift in an S60 are 39.8 mpg and 164 g/km.

The S60 and V60 T3 Powershift will be available to order early 2012 with first deliveries taking place in April.

Volvo’s leading position among European car makers in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions is shown in the annual analysis presented by the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E).

Volvo outperformed Europe’s eight largest car manufacturers in 2010 by cutting overall CO 2 emissions by nine percent.

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