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Free Electric Vehicle Business Plans

02 April 2012 by Green Car Guide


The Energy Saving Trust’s Plugged-in Fleets initiative helps organisations find where electric vehicles can provide a clear financial benefit in their operations; applications close on 15 April.

There will be 20 projects funded in total by Transport for London (TfL) and Department for Transport (DfT).

The successful applicants will receive free guidance and a strategic plan for the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs), including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, into their fleets. Organisations will be led through a programme of work by EST fleet consultants and infrastructure experts from EDF Energy which will include an analysis of each company’s fleet to identify where EVs would fit in terms of duty cycle, vehicle whole life cost and infrastructure requirements. The projects will focus on the categories of vehicle eligible for support through the Government’s Plug-in Car and Plug-in Van Grants.

This initiative has three key aims:

• to provide a tailored report for each participating fleet, showing how EVs can fit into and benefit their organisation

• to offer wider practical advice for all business fleets – our findings and case studies from the initiative will be published in a final report

• to enable fleet decision makers to purchase and use EVs where they work best

The organisation will need to demonstrate commitment from the fleet decision maker as well as a senior member of the organisation. The terms and conditions include agreement to provide all relevant fleet information and site access to allow an infrastructure survey(s) to be carried out by EDF Energy. Each project will focus on one principal business unit agreed in advance.

The deadline for applications is Monday 16 April 2012 . To apply you will need to complete and sign an application form and a pledge.

To find out more call 0845 602 1425.