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Mitsubishi all-electric i-MiEV in Pikes Peak

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution

Mitsubishi is to enter the all-electric i-MiEV Evolution in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, to be held from 3-8 July 2012 in Colorado in the United States .

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution is a specially-prepared competition version based on the i all-electric vehicle . Mitsubishi is also entering a regular production i into the electric class in the event.

The i-MiEV Evolution uses the same motor, drive battery and other major components as the production i and has been developed in cooperation with several partner companies including Meidensha Corporation and GS Yuasa Corporation. The i-MiEV Evolution has been developed to showcase Mitsubishi’s advanced EV control and EV component technologies. MMC will use the technical knowhow garnered through the i-MiEV Evolution’s development and usage for the development of future EV models with superior durability and reliability.

Driving the i-MiEV Evolution in the Pikes Peak event and also serving as team manager will be Mr. Hiroshi Masuoka – the first Japanese driver to post consecutive overall victories in the Dakar Rally. The Mitsubishi i will be piloted by Ms. Beccy Gordon, a winner in the Score International Off-Road Racing Series.

Developed for the Pikes Peak event, the i-MiEV Evolution basically uses the same motor, drive battery and other major components as the production i-MiEV fitted to a specially-designed racing-specific body which uses a tube-frame chassis and a carbon fibre cowl among other features designed to reduce weight and improve aerodynamic performance. Comprising a single motor driving the front and two motors driving the rear wheels, the car’s four-wheel-drive system provides superior motive performance and handling.

For the Pikes Peak event the production Mitsubishi i has been modified using a more aerodynamic front bumper and fitted with roll bars and other safety equipment.

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