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Honda CR-Z hybrid revised

The new Honda CR-Z hybrid with enhanced performance and styling

Honda CR-Z hybrid

The Honda CR-Z hybrid has been given a range of enhancements to performance and styling and will be available in dealerships from January 2013.

The car’s 1.5-litre petrol engine has been updated with changes to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and the variable valve timing system, boosting power by 7 PS from 114 PS to 121 PS.

The IMA hybrid system benefits from the addition of a Lithium Ion battery, replacing the previous Nickel-metal hybrid version, and an increase in power from 14 PS (10kW) to 20 PS (15kW).

These improvements result in an overall combined output of 137 PS at 6600 rpm (+13 PS) and 190 Nm of torque (+16 Nm). The 0-62 mph sprint time falls from 10.0 sec to 9.1 sec on the Sport model and 10.1 sec down to 9.5 sec on the GT. The top speed is 124 mph.

A new Sport Plus (S+) boost system is activated by pressing the S+ button on the steering wheel. Once the button is pushed, an electric boost kicks in when the accelerator is pressed to give up to 10 seconds of increased acceleration.

This increase in power and performance has not compromised fuel economy and CO2 emissions, with the CR-Z retaining its competitive 56.5 mpg on the combined cycle and 116 g/km (Sport) and 54.3 mpg and 122 g/km (GT).

As well as a performance boost the 2013 model has undergone some styling updates and two new colours will be available in the form of Aurora Violet and Energetic Yellow. There’s a new bumper design and a revised front grille. The GT model will now feature 17-inch alloy wheels.

Prices for the CR-Z will start from £20,550 for the Sport variant and £23,050 for the top of the range GT.

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