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LowCVP Conference 2013, 11 July 2013: now open for bookings



As sales increase of electric vehicles, and other alternative powertrains, the calculation of vehicle emissions will have to change from measurement at the tailpipe to full life-cycle analysis, and the 2013 LowCVP Conference, ‘Beyond the Tailpipe’ , will focus on this issue.

The introduction of new transport fuels such as electricity and biofuels means that we will no longer be able to rely solely on measures of emissions at the vehicle tailpipe to assess our true progress in tackling climate change. The production of these new fuels will mean that, increasingly, carbon emissions will arise at other stages in the fuel and product life-cycles.

Domestic transport contributes nearly a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. To meet the Government’s target of an 80% cut in emissions by 2050, domestic transport must substantially reduce its output over the next decade.

The 2013 LowCVP Conference will focus on how the changes in how we power our vehicles will impact on policy makers, vehicle and energy suppliers and also address what will need to be done to engage consumers in the process.

Some of the speakers for the Conference have been announced and include leading representatives of the European Commission, Department for Transport, RAC Foundation and the Committee on Climate Change. Held in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) the event will focus around the theme which was introduced at the LowCVP’s Tenth Anniversary event held in January.

Speakers already confirmed include David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change; Michael Hurwitz, Director Greener Transport and International, DfT; and Ian Hodgson of DG-CLIMA, the EC’s Climate Action Directorate.

The conference will explore the policy landscape and set out some stepping stones on the road to achieving the goal of moving ‘beyond the tailpipe’. The event will focus on the practical policy, technical and other implications of the move to a more holistic view of emissions analysis and also look at what will need to be done to engage consumers in the process.

Speakers already confirmed for the 2013 annual conference include:

Dr David Kennedy , Committee on Climate Change

Ian Hodgson , DG-CLIMA, European Commission

Michael Hurwitz , Department for Transport

David Quarmby , RAC Foundation

Professor Neville Jackson , Ricardo-AEA and Chair, LowCVP

Martin Barrow, Carbon Trust

Philippa Oldham, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Andy Eastlake, LowCVP

Nikolas Hill, Ricardo-AEA

Further speakers and event timings will be announced shortly.

Tenth LowCVP Conference, ‘Beyond the Tailpipe’

11 July 2013 , 10am-5pm

One Birdcage Walk, Westminster



Exhibitor places free


The LowCVP Conference will be followed by a networking reception for all delegates in the library at the same venue.

There are sponsorship opportunities and some exhibition spaces (which come with free delegate places) available for the event. Please contact the LowCVP Secretariat ( for further details.

Delegate rates for the LowCVP Conference start at £70 . REGISTER TO JOIN THE LOWCVP AND GET UP TO £245 OFF THE CONFERENCE FEE. For general delegate enquiries please contact the LowCVP Conference Desk (Vista Events): 020 8542 7622.

Green Car is a media partner for the 2013 LowCVP annual conference.

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