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mini five door hatch

MINI 5-door Hatch: up to 78.5 mpg

mini five door hatch

MINI 5-door Hatch

At last, the MINI is available with five doors. Most buyers of cars in this segment opt for five rather than three doors, so MINI hopes that the new model will help to significantly expand its sales.

The new 5-door Hatch aims to keep all the benefits of the 3-door model, but it adds better accessibility and more space. With an official fuel economy figure of 78.5mpg from the Cooper D, we’re hoping that efficiency is still combined with the fun driving experience of the 3-door.

The new model has an extended wheelbase, allowing 72mm more legroom for rear seat passengers compared to the 3-door Hatch, and there’s now a third seat in the back row. The boot has a volume of 278 litres, up 67 litres or around 30 per cent compared to the 3-door Hatch.

At the UK launch of the MINI 5-door Hatch, the new Cooper D offers combined fuel economy of 78.5 mpg while CO2 emissions start from 95 g/km.

There are four engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology to choose from. A 3-cylinder petrol engine with a peak output of 136 bp powers the MINI Cooper 5-door Hatch. The output of the 4-cylinder petrol engine in the MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch is 192 hp. The new Cooper D 5-door Hatch is powered by a 116 hp 3-cylinder diesel engine.

The Cooper SD 5-door Hatch has a new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder diesel power unit that has an output of 170 hp, combining a 0-62 time of 7.4 seconds, and economy of 68.9 mpg.

All model variants of the new MINI 5-door Hatch meet the EU6 exhaust emission standard.

Variable Damper Control with adjustable dampers is available as an option, as are MINI driving modes which offers drivers the choice between SPORT, MID and GREEN modes.

The new 5-door Hatch comes with a six-speed manual transmission as standard featuring rev matching on downward shifts. A six-speed automatic transmission is available as an option on each engine.

Both transmission systems were newly developed for the new generation 3-door Hatch. The automatic features an engine start/stop function, preventing unnecessary fuel consumption. When used in conjunction with the MINI Navigation System, it’s able to take account of the selected route profile and control gear shifts. Based on navigation data, the appropriate drive position is selected to match the road ahead, preventing unnecessary upshifts.

On the Cooper S and Cooper SD, a six-speed sports automatic transmission is available which enables even shorter shift times on the MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch and Cooper SD 5-door Hatch, featuring rev matching on downward shifts and can be operated in manual mode using shift paddles behind the steering wheel.

MINIMALISM environmental technologies continue to feature, including a shift-point display function and optimised preheating process on the diesels. Brake energy recuperation and need-oriented control of the fuel pump, coolant pump and other ancillary units feature on all models.

The electromechanical power steering and map-controlled oil pumps in all engines are optimised for the most efficient use. An optimised preheating process achieves approximately 50 per cent reduction in the energy required to start the diesel engines.

Depending on the model variant, optimisation of aerodynamic properties has been achieved by measures such as active cooling air flaps, extensive underbody trim and air ducting elements in the upper section of the C columns. With a drag coefficient (Cd value) of 0.30 (MINI Cooper 5-door Hatch, MINI Cooper D 5-door Hatch) or 0.32 (MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch) and 0.33 (MINI Cooper SD 5-door Hatch), the new 5-door Hatch is at the forefront its segment in terms of aerodynamics.

The new MINI 5–door Hatch range starts at £15,900. There is a model-for-model price increase of £600 compared to its 3-door sibling.

Cooper 5-door Hatch£15,900
Cooper D 5-door Hatch£17,050
Cooper S 5-door Hatch£19,255
Cooper SD 5-door Hatch£20,050

Built at Plant Oxford, MINI’s state of the art global manufacturing base, the new 5-door Hatch will hit UK roads this autumn.

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