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EST Fleet Heroes

Enter for the Fleet Heroes 2017 Awards

EST Fleet Heroes

EST Fleet Heroes

The search is on for the Fleet Heroes of 2017; organisations and individuals that are proactively cutting carbon emissions and addressing air pollution through innovative transport policies and improved fleet efficiency.

The Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2017 is in its twelfth year, and will this year be celebrating these achievements at an award ceremony on 9th November at the London Docklands Museum. The awards are a leading event in the fleet industry calendar and recognise organisations and Fleet Heroes that are proactively cutting carbon emissions and managing air pollution through innovative transport policies, improved fleet efficiency, or the provision of cost and fuel saving products or services to fleets. An audience of up to 200 fleet and vehicle managers, government stakeholders and senior decision makers are expected to attend.

There are nine Fleet Hero awards in the running this year including the new category of Ultra-low Emission Infrastructure.

  • Best Business Fleet
  • Best Public Sector Fleet
  • Smarter Travel
  • Efficient Driving
  • Clean Air
  • Innovation
  • Ultra-low Emission Fleet
  • Ultra-low Emission Infrastructure
  • Unsung Fleet Hero

Applications are welcomed from across the public and private sector and are open until 20 September. For more details and to enter, visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

The Energy Saving Trust’s awards are preceded by a conference that brings together transport sector experts to discuss the latest developments in fleet sustainability, air quality management, low-emission vehicles and more.

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said:

“The Fleet Hero Awards are our annual celebration of green transport innovation and represent a great opportunity to network with leaders in the transport and fleet management industry.”

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