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Renault SYMBIOZ Review



The SYMBIOZ concept showcases Renault’s vision of the car of the future and its role in our lives inside and outside the car. It comprises a car, a demo car and a home.

The SYMBIOZ concept on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show looks ahead to a horizon of up to 2030, and Renault has also developed a demo car, which foreshadows a vehicle in a closer timeframe, around 2023. Both cars are electric, autonomous and fully connected to their environment.

Renault is the first carmaker to present a complete home at a motor show that evokes future possibilities of how the car will deliver new features inside the home and will be an extension of the home on the road.

Inside the home, Renault SYMBIOZ symbolically shows how cars can play an even more important role in our everyday lives by 2030.

Renault SYMBIOZ provides extra space and features for the home, taking on different functions according to the needs and desires of occupants. Inside the home, SYMBIOZ becomes a modular extra room.

Renault developed SYMBIOZ to ensure the home and car share energy. Kilowatt-hours are distributed through a smart grid shared by the car and the home in an artificial intelligence environment capable of anticipating occupants’ needs:

  • If there are no plans for a long trip in the next 48 hours, a minimum charge level will be left in the car battery (i.e. enough energy for a short trip) in order to optimise power distribution at home.
  • However, if a weekend away is planned, the system will fully charge the car battery on Friday night, gradually turning down the home heating overnight.
  • It is also possible to programme the system to use the power stored in Renault SYMBIOZ’s batteries temporarily for the lights, screens and home appliances during peak times. If there is a blackout, this happens automatically.

Power sharing can be monitored and adjusted using the screen located on a table in the home’s living room or via the car’s dashboard.

The smart connection between the car and the home is permanent, with music, social media, personal cloud storage and digital subscriptions all within arm’s reach.