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CUPRA e-Racer

CUPRA e-Racer electric racing touring car

CUPRA e-Racer

CUPRA e-Racer

The CUPRA e-Racer, a 100% electric racing touring car, has been premiered at the Geneva Motor Show. The event is being used to launch the new CUPRA brand.

The CUPRA e-Racer is a 100% electric racing car based on the petrol-powered Cup Racer. However the electric motor is much simpler, requiring much less maintenance and is more efficient as it practically uses all of the supplied energy, while a combustion engine only uses, in the best case scenario, up to 30% of its fuel energy.

Additionally, kinetic energy is harnessed to recover power under braking and in deceleration phases. Acceleration is much better as an electric car has its maximum torque available from the start of acceleration, and a gearbox is no longer necessary.

The CUPRA e-Racer delivers 300 kW of continuous power and up to 500 kW (680 PS) at its peak, featuring one single gear with torque vectoring and with rear wheel drive. The CUPRA e-Racer is equipped with a new rear vision technology that is displayed within the dashboard. The vehicle uses three cameras instead of the traditional rear-view mirrors.

The CUPRA e-Racer can reach a top speed of 167mph, accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 3.2 secs, and 0 to 124 mph in 8.2 secs.

The CUPRA e-Racer’s intention is to exceed the performance of the conventional version. Throughout 2018, specially chosen events will showcase the CUPRA e-Racer and a competition for purely electric touring cars is anticipated from 2019.

Other CUPRA news at Geneva includes the public debut of the CUPRA Ateca – the first car to feature the new CUPRA logo. The new CUPRA Ateca’s 2.0 TSI engine delivers 300 PS and works with a newly designed Otto Particulate Filter System to fulfil the latest emissions legislation.

The SEAT Leon CUPRA R ST will also be on show, along with the SEAT Leon with the new 1.5 TSI EVO engine and the SEAT Ibiza TGI FR, running on CNG.